Duvet Day Wax Melts, Fresh Linen Fragrance
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Duvet Day Wax Melts, Fresh Linen Fragrance

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Sun Kissed Linen Wax Melts by Hudson Vallin.

Fresh bouquet combines with marine notes resting on a sandalwood base to create a perfume reminiscent of freshly washed linen.

This is a fresh, clean fragrance that carries the scent of summer days.

Hand-made purely with fragrance oils and wax. This fresh clean smell reminds us of sheets drying in the warm air on a sunny day.

The hand-crafted wax melts from Hudson Vallin are a natural way to fill your home with fragrance. A golden resealable pouch of 10 individual wax melts (~56g). These beautiful melts are hand-poured in County Meath, Ireland. They are highly scented with premium fragrance oils.

Add 2 pieces into the well of your wax burner for hours of gorgeous aroma. It can be melted multiple times until the perfume fades. Each pair of wax melts should give up to 9hrs of scent.
That's 45hrs of parfum!